President – Pat Boyer

Pat is the President of LEAP of FAITH Group, Inc.  Pat is perhaps best known for spearheading the Leap of Faith Lambeau event on 07-07-07.  That community-wide call to repentance has led to an ongoing ministry where Pat along with the LEAP of FAITH Group, Inc. has helped more than 120 ministries move the Kingdom of God forward since that initial event.   Read More...




Board of Directors

Walt C. Kaiser Jr. – Known internationally as an Old Testament scholar.  Walt developed the only doctorate in revival and reform in the United States and authored over 30 books.

Arn Quakkelaar – Founder of BASICS in Milwaukee.  Formerly an Elmbrook  Church elder, disciple of Stewart Briscoe and retired business executive of Rockwell International.

Jeff Hollenbeck – President of MissionGuides – a missions advocacy ministry based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Preparing short-term missionaries for ministry life back home. Read More